Frequently Asked Questions


Yes and no. Hobies are not ideal for total beginners (though on occasions we have trained up complete novices). If you’ve no sailing experience at all, we recommend some of Hong Kong’s excellent Government Sail Training Centres (and of course the Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club and Aberdeen Boat Club).

If you already know the basics of sailing, or have just finished a beginner’s course, the Club is an excellent place to improve your skills and have fun on the water. You can begin by crewing on someone else’s boat. Or better still buy your own (whether brand new or one of the second-hand boats advertised on the CLASSIFIED page of this site).


There are always sailors around who will be happy to share tips and answer questions. The Club also arranges training days from time to time.

Saturdays, Sunday and public holidays. On these days, the speedboat shuttle service runs from 9:00 am through to 6:00 pm (6:30 pm in summer).

Members are free to sail on other days but must make their own way to the Club and be aware that there is no Club speedboat rescue service. Get into difficulties and you’ll have to call the Marine Police!

For those who want to go sailing mid-week, we keep a key to the clubhouse in a locked box– call Club Secretary Christina for the combination.


Generally no (with the very occasional exception). The Club policy is only to accept Formula 16 & 18 beach catamarans on our beach for two reasons: First, the Club wants to promote class racing, and we don’t have the beach area to accommodate numerous types of boat; Second, we are the local Class Association for Hobies (Fleet 179 of the 600+ around the world!), and therefore guardians of the Hobie Way of Life in HK.

Our spare parts and expertise is all Hobie. We do, however. keep good relations with our friends from the (mainly Dart and Nacra) Lantau Boat Club in Discovery Bay.


The cost of a new boat depends on the current Aussie dollar value (Hobie 16s) or Euro (Wildcats) and which accessories (beach wheels, cover etc.) are included. A new Hobie 16 costs around HK$90,000; an F18 Wildcat around HK$225,000. Check with Tong Shing at Bluefin Sea Sports (Tel: 6337 2267,, ).

There’s a healthy second-hand market too, with prices going up and down according to supply and demand. See the Classifieds page for the latest listings.

Have a look at the Membership section of the site.

The main items are the speedboats (fuel is an ever increasing expense) and staff (two coxswains and a Club Secretary). A portion of the joining fees are put aside to support training for our members.

If you want to know more, please ask a committee member – the AGM is the formal place to do this. If you want to influence things, why not volunteer for the committee yourself?

The Club introduced autopay (direct debit) payment in 2007 to help simplify the collection of monthly subs and any extra one-off payments needed (e.g. for guest day passes, regatta entry fees etc.).

Existing members have (almost) all transferred to autopay (if you are still paying by standing order please make the change today – and enjoy your discounted monthly subs). New members are required to complete autopay forms when they apply to join the Club.


Of course! A sail followed by a barbecue on a sandy, friendly beach – what better way to have fun with friends. We do have a few important guest rules though:

You need to accompany your guests on the speedboat over to the Club, and must sign them in on the speedboat log. You’ll be charged a modest HK$20 per person – this contributes to fuel for the speedboats (a major Club expense).

Please ensure your guests behave responsibly, and don’t inconvenience other members or damage Club property (let kids bounce on your trampoline, not anyone else’s!)

Lastly, remember that friends may not be experienced sailors. So do look out for them. Teach them to keep clear of swinging booms both on the water and the beach. Carefully assess wind conditions before sailing and make sure everyone wears a life-jacket, even if they’re strong swimmers.

Your guests are welcome at the Club. But once they’ve come four or more times, please encourage them to become paying members.

Thanks in advance, and wishing you and your friends heaps of Hobie fun!