Club Membership

Hobie Club Membership

Currently, the Club has around 30 boats and over 40 members from many different countries. We warmly welcome new members and will do all we can to help you buy a boat, or crew with existing members.
There are two main membership types:

Full Members own a Hobie which they can keep at the beach.

Associate Members don’t own a Hobie themselves but sail with full members.

Each boat usually has a Full & Associate member. And each membership type has a family membership option.

Please note: If a boat syndicate owns a Hobie which they want to keep at the Club, then at least one of them must be a Full Member (or Full Family Member); all others must join the Club as Associate Members (or Associate Family Members).

Full Member

Full Family Member

Associate Member

Associate Family Member


Autopay discounts no longer apply
All members must set up a direct debit to settle monthly fees.

  One-off joining fees


When upgrading from Associate (or Associate Family) to Full (or Full Family) Membership, you just pay the HK$4,000 difference. Here are the steps to joining HK’s friendliest sailing club:

1.) Complete the Application Form

2.) Complete Autopay Forms

3.) Enclose a passport photo (with name on the back) for each family member requiring a membership card

4.) A cheque made out to Hong Kong Hobie Club Limited with one of the fees below:

Full Member/Family Member: a crossed cheque for HK$5,000 + HK$1,300 x 3 = HK$8,900  (the joining fee plus the first three months fees).


Associate Member: a crossed cheque for HK$1,000 + HK$300 x 3 = HK$1,900  (the joining fee plus first three months fees).

After setting up your membership, autopay will begin on the fourth month

Any questions? Please contact our Club Secretary.

Forms to send in are:

The Hong Kong Hobie Club
GPO Box 11697
Hong Kong.
Telephone : +852 6846 6311
E-Mail :
To update your correspondence details, change your membership status, or order a membership card, please complete the form below and return to the Club Secretary.

Club Forms

To encourage members returning to HK to rejoin the Club, we have a generous Absent Members policy.

If you are a Full Member or Full Family Member about to leave Hong Kong, then notify the Club Secretary in writing of your intention to become an Absent Member, and provide your expected departure date.

 By paying a one-time sum of HK$2,500, your name will be placed on the Absent Members List. Should you then return to Hong Kong, you can rejoin the club without paying an additional Joining Fee. Absent Members cannot keep a boat at the beach after they leave HK.

A Full Member or Full Family Member who leaves Hong Kong without placing their name on the Absent Members List and paying the Absent Members’ Subscription, or without paying the normal monthly subscription while they are away, must pay the full membership fee to rejoin the club.